The Flagler Radio Aero Modelers RC Club #2047 was chartered with the  Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) on February 8, 1985. The organization was created out of an interest of several persons who wanted to promote and enjoy the sport of building and flying radio controlled aircraft.  Ronnie Pavloer is the only active member active in the club of the  original five founding members.

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Previous to the founding of the RAMS, Flagler  County modelers had to travel to clubs located in Daytona, or DeLand to  participate in RC activities. The original flying site was on property  owned by George Dance, on Old Dixie Highway. The club continued there  for a few years until circumstances caused the club to seek a new  location. Flagler County made the closed landfill area available to the  club in 1991, and by 1995 the Club was able to move to the new location.

The club maintains the grounds, and under an  agreement with the county, has made many capital improvements, such as a large Pavilion, and a storage building. A key feature is our 550 feet  long runway, which makes smooth take-offs and landings for all types of  models. A landfill and conventional paving are not compatible, so the  RAMS runway is made of woven geo textile material that serves the  purpose well, and is Eco friendly to the landfill. Even our entry gate  is solar powered.

The club roster now includes 110 members, who fly all types of RC Aircraft, including Helicopters, Gliders, Electric  Ducted Fans and, control line models. The club membership enjoys two Fun Fly-ins, one in spring, the other in the fall, and participates in  local civic activities, such as hosting Cub Scout Packs permitting them  to try RC flight, while connected to an experienced pilot on a buddy  box.The club has also participated in local shows and parades.

The Flagler RAMS membership fee is $75.00 per  year after an initiation fee of $50.00. All members are required to be a current member of the AMA and follow the rules of flying at a Chartered Field. Members under 18 years of age fly free with the backing of an  adult member. The area is also considered to be a public park by the  county, so non-flying visitors are always welcome, as long as they  remain in the designated areas, and do not go into the flight area.