Flagler County Radio Aero Modelers Field Rules       March 18, 2017


1. All members flying 72 mhz must put your current Your current AMA card on the frequency board.

2. Transmitters must not be turned on unless the pilot is in possession of the proper frequency pin. (2.4 transmitters do not require a frequency pin.) All transmitters must be kept in the impound area when the pilot is not flying.

3. No flying over the spectator area.

4. No standing on the runway while flying.


         5. No engine/motor running in or around the sun shade.

6. Spectators are only allowed on the flight line when accompanied by a club member.

7. No inexperienced pilot will fly without the help of one of the club instructors.

8. A common flight pattern must be used whenever more than one aircraft is flying at the same time. All take-off turns must be away from the spectator area.

9. Boundaries: All members are to fly inside the confines of the dirt road that surrounds the flying field and 1000 feet north of the field.

10. Only jets with ducted fan motors are allowed at our field. No jet turbine engines are allowed.


         11. All pilots must make it known in a loud and clear voice what you intend to do with your aircraft.

    a. Taking off.

c. Dead Stick Landing

d. On the field

e. Out of Control.


     12. No smoking is allowed on the field


     13. No alcoholic beverages are allowed while flying.


     14. The gate combination shall not be given to non-members.


     15. Due to our close proximity to the Flagler County Airport, all members should adhere to an altitude of 200 feet.


     16. In adherence with FAA rules, the first person flying at the field must contact the Flagler County airport administration.  The information will be posted at the field.


     17.  All 72 mhz transmitters must be kept in the impound area when not in use.


     18.  Flying with GPS assistance is allowed “ONLY” within the boundaries of our field.  Absolutely no flying outside of these boundaries.


     19.  First Person View (FPV) flying is allowed with a spotter.  Flying FPV without a spotter is prohibited.


     20.  Spotter:   Use of a spotter is not required, this practice is highly recommended.

21. The last person to leave the field must close and lock the gate.